Creamy Dreamy Lemonade

Recipe by Sunwink Master

Recipe by Jayde Powell


2 tbsp Digestion Lemonade Superfood Powder

2 cups organic lemon juice

8 cups water

28 fl oz (or 2 cans) condensed milk

1 organic lemon (for garnish)


step one

Pour lemon juice into ice cube tray or mold of choice and freeze overnight. Once frozen, remove lemon juice cubes from freezer and let sit for 2 - 3 minutes.

step two

Add lemon juice cubes, Digestion Lemonade Powder, and condensed milk into a pitcher.

step three

Add water and mix. Stir until lemon juice cubes are dissolved.

step four

Pour creamy lemonade into an ice-filled glass and garnish with a lemon slice.

step five

Serve and enjoy!

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