What it Means to be a Certified B Corp Organization

Hello Sunwinkers,

Jordan and Eliza here! 

We are incredibly excited to announce that Sunwink is officially now a certified B Corp organization. This effort was 18 months in the making and took almost everyone in our company to bring it to life. Since our founding, we have committed ourselves to always striving for human and planetary impact. We believe that the B Corp certification will solidify our ability to continue to hold ourselves to our vision.

What exactly is B Corp?

Founded in 2006 by 3 friends on a mission to turn businesses into a force for good. The organizing body B Lab created the B Corp certification that now has over 2,600 businesses certified including Patagonia, Athleta, Toms and Danone.

Per the B Corp Handbook, Certified B Corporations “are companies that have been certified to have met rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. B Corp Certification is similar to Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification for green buildings, Fairtrade certification for coffee, or USDA Organic for milk.

A key difference, however, is that B Corp certification is based on the assessment of an entire company and its practices (such as worker engagement, community involvement, environmental footprint, governance structure, and customer relationships) rather than assessing a single aspect or element of a company (such as the building or a product [it produces or sells]). This big picture evaluation is important because it helps distinguish between good companies and just good marketing.”

Learn more here.

How did Sunwink do this?

We completed an 18-month rigorous audit of all aspects of our business, including employee policies & benefits, sustainability practices, governance controls, and customer & community engagement. 

What does this mean for Sunwinkers?

We have set tangible goals to better human health, stand for a more inclusive beverage industry, give back to our community, and build sustainable practices. In the legal process to become a Public Benefit Corporation, we added our mission statement into our company articles of incorporation that must be preserved even with a change of ownership. This guarantees that the Sunwink brand will always be tied to our founding values.

Some of our goals include:

  •    - Using the cleanest organic ingredients for 100% of our products
  •    - Demographic diversity of our employees, leadership and board
  •    - 2% of net sales go to organizations supporting community and planetary health
  •    - 100% of packaging is recyclable or uses post-consumer recycled packaging by 2025 

        What does the future look like?

        Every year to hold ourselves accountable and be completely transparent with our customers, we publish an Impact Report annually to report on our progress.

        We believe that standards like this will ensure the future of Sunwink regardless of who helms the business. For us, what is most critical as we disrupt the beverage industry is to assure that the values and beliefs that drove us to start Sunwink remain true for you and future generations to come.

        With tremendous gratitude,

        Jordan and Eliza

        Let’s be plant pals