New Moon Ritual

“A new moon cycle is about release - detoxifying our bodies. How can we be present in healing ourselves and supporting our friends - being a positive sense of energy in our world. The world is not always rainbows, so how can we focus on our higher purpose?” - Bri Luna, The Hoodwitch

On October 16th (the Libra New Moon) we hosted a virtual New Moon Ritual with Bri Luna,  The Hoodwitch, on Zoom as part of our Virtual Event Series. Guests were invited to join in a guided evening ritual and asked to bring a white candle, a smudge/sage stick, a journal, and a few favorite crystals. 


The social media ascendance of mystics, brujas, and the #WitchesofInstagram is one of the greatest uses of the Internet of our time – period. One of the most enchanting of them all is Bri Luna – also known as @thehoodwitch – who delivers an easily understood mix of tarot card knowledge, mystical visuals, self-care wisdom, and some legit #bigwitchenergy on her website.

Over the past five years, the site's LA-based Founder and Creative Director, has brought thousands into the fold through her innovative online community. She is making American witchcraft more vibrant, inclusive and socially conscious in the process. There's no shortage of "Witch Tips" for manifestation and self-care on her website, but Bri and her team also share resources for collective healing in our fraught political and social climate.

"Being a Black and Mexican woman, I always want to feel like I'm being represented, but that was missing. Classes and workshops that were available were primarily focused on Eurocentric forms of spirituality and Pagan traditions. No so much African or Indigenous or Mexican."

Bri opened the evening by casting a virtual healing circle for the group as a means of protecting and containing the energy of the group throughout the evening. Attendees were asked to then burn a small portion of their sage smudge to cleanse their space and make it sacred for the ritual. We then lit our candles as Bri began defining the purpose for a new moon ritual.

Photograph by Seth Smoot

The new moon is a time of initiation and new beginnings. It is the time to plant a seed of what you want to grow in your life. Making a wish, an intention, a promise, or a vow is a common custom. It is believed that as the moon grows, that your intention or goal will too usually by the time the moon completes its cycle and returns full circle to new again.

The new moon offers us its energy of intention, to rid ourselves of the negative habits in our life. The energy of the new moon aids us in ridding our minds and bodies of toxic thought patterns as well as eliminating toxic substances like excess alcohol,  processed foods, caffeine & tobacco usage. Starting a new project, or discipline should be substantially less difficult to stick to when started during the new moon. it's important to come up with a ritual that has meaning for you, instead of trying to follow any set guidelines (unless you're part of an established ritual group).

Bri emphasized that rituals don’t have to be extravagant - just dedicate five minutes to honor your need for a break. It could be as simple as a shower, a meditation, a walk, etc.


Bri guided us through the following new moon ritual, and we think that we will definitely be revisiting it more than once a month. All you need is five minutes, a blank piece of paper and a pen.

On one side of paper, spend 2-3 minutes writing down as many things - pictures, sounds, people, projects, tasks, feelings, etc. - that come to mind when you answer the following questions:

What’s dragging you down? What is not serving you? What do you need to release? 

Other the other side, do the same thing for the following questions:

What brings you joy? What are you grateful for? What are the positive things in your life?

Then, tear the piece of paper down the middle and dispose of the “negative/toxic” side how you wish. Bri’s disposal suggestions included mailing it to a fake address, burning it or just simply throwing it away, however, she encouraged us to do so at our own speed. She also encouraged us to revisit our gratitudes whenever we need a refresh on the positives in our lives.

“You can’t have light without the darkness, but don’t get stuck in the darkness. Acknowledge the darknesses in your life and recognize that they’re not serving you, so you can grow, learn and move on from them. But be mindful that there is no need to rush healing from anything. There is beauty in honoring both the toxicity and healing.”

Bri closed the ritual by casting another circle with the group and then opening the “mic” for questions and discussion. From this evening we takeaway the understanding that it’s okay, and rather, healthy to acknowledge the darkness and negativity in our lives, and we celebrate how much we have to be grateful for - not just during a new moon, but everyday. 

Please checkout Bri’s website and follow her on Instagram!

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