What Are the Best Types of Smoothies for Wellness?

This may not be news to you, but it bears repeating: Fruits and veggies are super important for our health and wellness. Yet only 1 in 10 adults get enough fruits and veggies on a daily basis. 

We get that life is hectic and that it’s super hard to prepare three square meals per day using fresh produce. And that’s exactly why we’re such big fans of smoothies. By throwing all of your ingredients in a blender, you can have a healthy recipe ready in seconds!

Of course, not all smoothies are made the same. Some are only one step above ice cream — hardly the way to optimize your wellness. That’s why we’ve put together this list of smoothies that are actually good for you. 

Keep reading to discover the best types of smoothies that can supercharge your wellness game, along with how to make them. 

1. Very Berry Smoothie 

We all want that much-coveted glow. And we’ll let you in on a little secret: It comes from the inside

Consuming high amounts of antioxidants has been linked to better skin health. Antioxidants not only protect cell health, but they can also help brighten and smooth out your skin. 

This smoothie recipe capitalizes on the glow-promoting properties of antioxidant-rich berries, like AMLA, Açai, and Goji Berry. All you need is one small scoop of our Berry Healthy Skin Superfood Powder

What you’ll need:

2. Detox Greens Smoothie

Green smoothies have taken the world by storm and for very good reason. They’re an excellent way to get those dark leafy greens into your diet — without having to force them down. Blending greens like kale and spinach with sweet fruit completely masks their taste, so you actually enjoy them!

With our Detox Greens Superfood Powder, you’re not only getting a full serving of green veggies but some awesome Superfoods, as well. Spirulina is known to support detoxification, while Celery offers soothing anti-inflammatory properties. 

What you’ll need:

3. Decadent Peanut Butter and Banana Smoothie 

Peanut butter and banana is a classic combination that tastes absolutely decadent while supporting feelings of fullness. We recommend skipping a sugary dessert and indulging in this delicious recipe instead. Not only will you cut down on unnecessary calories, but you’ll also get a nice boost of magnesium, potassium, and fiber. 

What you’ll need:

  • 1 large frozen banana
  • 2 tablespoons creamy peanut butter (or another nut butter)
  • 1 cup creamy non-dairy milk
  • One serving of Cacao Clarity Superfood Powder

If you’re looking for a thicker consistency, add some ice to the recipe or reduce the amount of milk that you use.

4. “Creamsicle” Avocado Smoothie

It doesn’t matter which diet you subscribe to. No one will argue with the fact that avocados are amazing for you. Packed with fiber, healthy fats, and various vitamins and minerals, avocados should be present in your diet on a daily basis.

Avocados taste pretty delicious on toast, but adding them to smoothies takes it to a whole new level. Thanks to their mild taste, you won’t even know they’re in your smoothie. The only giveaway will be the creamy, decadent texture. 

Our recipe uses oranges, ginger, and creamy coconut milk, which tastes like an orange creamsicle when combined together. 

What you’ll need:

5. Probiotic Pineapple Smoothie 

Here at Sunwink, we’re all about gut health. When your microbiome is happy and healthy, the rest of your body (and even mind) will follow. That’s why we like adding sources of probiotics to our diets. 

If you’re familiar with probiotics, you know that you can find them in fermented food sources. While not all fermented foods go well in a smoothie, we know a classic one that surely does: yogurt!

Adding pineapple to this recipe adds another way to enhance gut health, thanks to bromelain — a potent digestive enzyme. 

What you’ll need:

To really elevate this recipe, you can sprinkle some coconut flakes on top and garnish it with a cherry. 

6. Creamy Cacao Smoothie 

Stress can take a toll on pretty much every part of your being, including your brain. If you’re feeling more brain fog than usual, then adaptogens can be of help here. Our Cacao Clarity Superfood Powder contains a potent blend of Reishi, Maca, and Lion’s Mane, so you feel sharp and clear. 

Drink this smoothie in the morning to start your day off right!

What you’ll need: 

7. Papaya-Mango Smoothie

Mangoes are an excellent source of vitamin A, which may be beneficial for vision. With the amount of time we spend in front of screens, that’s definitely something we don't want to pass up on. And that’s exactly why we recommend upping your intake of ripe mango.

Papaya is also an awesome fruit thanks to its high vitamin C content. Not only is this vitamin important for immune function, but it’s crucial for collagen synthesis — giving you the smooth, supple skin of your dreams. 

This recipe produces a smoothie that’s not only good for you, but super sweet with tropical vibes.

What you’ll need:

  • 1 fresh mango
  • ½ papaya 
  • 2 cups yogurt
  • 1 tablespoon fresh lime juice
  • ½ teaspoon almond extract 

8. High-Protein Smoothie 

Protein is super important for building and maintaining muscle mass, which supports your metabolism, stabilizes blood sugar levels, and helps give you boundless energy. 

You should aim for about 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight — for maximum muscle mass. Of course, this is nowhere near easy to follow, which is why protein shakes can become your best friend. 

We don’t recommend using whey protein, as this dairy option can increase inflammation. A plant-based protein powder should do the trick just as well, especially if it’s made with pea protein as its main ingredient. 

You can use any fruits or veggies that taste good to you. But when it comes to protein powder, berries and bananas make for a classic combo. 

What you’ll need:

Elevate Your Smoothie Game 

Smoothies are an easy and convenient way to get your fruits and veggies in. To elevate basic smoothie recipes, add a scoop of our Superfood Powder. Whether it’s our Cacao Clarity Superfood Powder, Detox Greens Superfood Powder, or Berry Healthy Skin Superfood Powder, you’ll be sure to feel the difference!


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