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Our Story

Our Mission

Sunwink is on a mission to connect people to the power of plants. We believe that wellness shouldn’t be complicated, overwhelming or exclusive so we create clean, plant powered products to better human health and our connection to the Earth. What we're most proud of? 2% of all our revenues goes back to our community and the planet.

Learn more about our mission to reconnect people to the healing powers of Earth in our 2021 Impact Report.

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Our Commitment To Clean

Every Tonic and Superfood Powder is made with whole plants and real ingredients. No preservatives. No additives or artificial flavors. To put it plainly – at Sunwink, every ingredient is sourced from the Earth. Period.

Our Inspiration

Each Sunwink product was inspired by a real person that loves plants. By working with their first-hand experiences and our team of clinical herbalists and nutrition experts we create delicious products with purpose. Each product we create gives 2% to a world changing organization chosen by the person who inspired the product.

Our Founder Story

The idea of Sunwink was born out of our desire to create products that harnessed the goodness of Earth (without the junk) and leave humanity a better place with each sip or bite. Our journey to this point is deeply personal.

Eliza Ganesh (CEO, co-founder) was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease and was able to help treat her symptoms with herbs and superfoods. She met Jordan Schenck (CMO, co-founder), who has dedicated her life to creating companies that change the planet, and from there, they dreamt up an herbal wellness company that made it easy for everyone to access the power of plants. They scoured the shelves and found that everything was either overpriced, full of junky ingredients, or not focused on building an inclusive brand. They decided to write down their values and embarked on a journey to change the food and beverage industry.

Together, we work every day to bring you amazing products and a whole lot of joy.

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