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Girl with Sunkwink in glass and flowers

Our Story

The idea for Sunwink was born out of CEO and co-founder Eliza Ganesh's desire to create a company that harnessed all the goodness of plants to better humanity. After being diagnosed with an auto-immune disease, she thought to herself “there has to be a better way to access daily health and wellness.”

Looking through the plants
Pouring liquid through strainer

She met Jordan Schenck, and from there they dreamt up an herbal wellness company that made it easy for everyone to access the power of plants. They scoured the shelves and found that everything was either full of crummy ingredients, way overpriced, and not focused on building an inclusive brand. They decided to write down their values and the products they dreamed of having in their lives and they embarked on a journey.

We know changing an industry will take time, trial and error and a lot of love, but we are happy to have you on it with us.

Supporting Our Communities

Our Commitment To You and The Planet

2% of all our revenues goes back to people and the planet. Each flavor has an organization chosen by our muses that receives a percent of our revenue.

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