This Greens Powder
Hits Different

  • Made with 100% organic Superfoods with a light, refreshing taste.
  • Ingredients picked with purpose for detox and debloat.
  • Equal to a full serving of veggies.
  • Only $1.20 per serving. Say bye bye to that $8 green juice.

Reasons to Love

Detox Greens


Easy to make and no mess - just add to water.
Made with organic Superfoods - celery, spirulina, wheatgrass and more.
Tastes great - refreshing and enjoyable as part of your daily routine.

    Here’s how we stack up against other greens powders:

    Our Detox Hits Different

    “I've been drinking it everyday for a few weeks now and as a Functional Nutritional Therapist, I love the ingredients. It has real greens and herbs. If you need a little reset, this greens powder hits different.”
    Olivia Hedlund
    Functional Nutrition Therapist & Gut Health Expert
    “The easiest part of my morning is having a green detox juice! Detox greens is super smooth, delicious and great for my gut, and I feel revitalized!”
    Kale Hoang
    Greens Enthusiast & Recipe Creator
    “I’ve never been a greens powder person, but Detox Greens is absolutely incredible. It’s all ingredients I’m obsessed with, and it tastes so fresh and so good.”
    Ella Henry
    Holistic Health Coach

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