Planning Ahead for Easy Holiday Digestion!

After years of being separated from our loved ones, we’re looking forward to nothing more than finally getting together and feasting on all the classic holiday dishes. But at the same time, we want to avoid falling into a food coma as a result — which is why we’re prioritizing digestive health this holiday season.

Believe it or not, it’s possible to eat a decadent meal and feel great after. All it takes is a little planning. If you’re on board, keep reading this guide from Sunwink on what you can do to improve your digestion this holiday season. 

1. Plan, Plan, and Plan Some More 

Planning out your meals and workouts prior to the holidays is one of the best ways to make sure that you feel your best. The foods you choose should nourish your body, while ample amounts of exercise should keep your metabolism humming along smoothly.

In the weeks leading up to the holidays, plan your meals so you’re getting plenty of protein, healthy fats, and wellness-boosting Superfoods. And even if you plan to indulge on some days, make sure to eat healthy meals so you don’t show up to gatherings completely famished.

And, of course, don’t forget about the exercise. Movement is one of the surest ways to rev your metabolism, lower your blood sugar, and keep your digestion working as it should. If possible, try to squeeze in a workout on the days you plan to indulge.

2. Choose Your Foods Wisely

We get the temptation to try everything, but this is a sure way to rack up extra calories that you don’t need. So, when you sit down at the dinner table, do a quick survey of the offerings and stick to the dishes that you really want to try. 

And here’s a bonus tip: Make protein the majority of your plate so you get full faster while avoiding gut-destroying refined carbs

3. Eat Slowly 

Swallowing food too quickly can introduce air into your digestive tract, increasing your chances of bloating. Plus, it’s harder for your body to digest large chunks of food. 

For this reason, we recommend slowing down and savoring each bite. If you’re a fast eater, try putting down your fork after every bite and sipping on a beverage while you eat.

And remember: It takes about 20 minutes for your body to register fullness. So, give yourself a little time before reaching for seconds. 

4. Try Digestive Supplements 

If you find it difficult to digest your food, consider taking enzymes. These molecules help break down food so your body has to do less work. You can find digestive enzymes in natural sources (like pineapple, which contains the enzyme bromelain) — or you can find enzymes in supplement form. 

You may also consider probiotics and prebiotics for gut health. 

Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that can improve digestion if you introduce them into your digestive tract. You can find them in fermented foods like yogurt, sauerkraut, and kimchi. 

Prebiotics, on the other hand, are like food for your healthy gut bacteria. So, the more prebiotics you consume, the more you nourish your microbiome. 

You can find prebiotics in various healthy food sources, like starchy carbs. You can also find prebiotics in our Digestion Lemon Sparkling Superfood Tonic

5. Limit Your Drinks

It’s in your best interest to cut down on alcoholic beverages. That’s because alcohol has been shown to alter the gut microbiome, hindering digestion along the way. 

If you must drink, try to limit yourself to just a cocktail or two — making sure to stay hydrated along the way. And if alcohol isn’t a must for you, switch to a delicious mocktail, like one of our many Sparkling Superfood Tonics.

6. Move as Much as Possible

So you just had a huge meal. Feels like the perfect time for a nap, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, lying down isn’t the best thing to do after eating.

Instead of being sedentary, try moving as much as possible during the holiday season. Something as simple as a brisk walk can increase circulation while helping food move through your digestive tract. 

If it’s too cold for walking outside, dancing always makes for a fun indoor alternative!

7. Get Your ZZZs

When you’re sleep-deprived, inflammation can skyrocket, which may interfere with your digestion. Plus, not getting enough sleep can increase certain hunger hormones and make you indulge much more than you normally would. 

In the weeks leading up to the holiday season, try to catch up on sleep as much as possible. If you can, try to sleep in without using an alarm. And if getting a full night’s rest isn’t possible, try to incorporate daytime naps into your schedule. 

8. Manage Stress With Adaptogens 

The holidays may be awesome, but they can also bring lots of stress with them. Stress sucks in many ways, with poor digestion being at the top of the list. So, do everything you can to de-stress this holiday season.

We all know and love yoga, meditation, and walks in nature. But not everyone has time for that. For some quick and easy relaxation, consider taking an adaptogen — an all-natural supplement that’s known for reducing stress and promoting calm. You can find a mix of adaptogens in our Cacao Clarity Superfood Powder

9. Remember To Have Fun 

Our emotional health plays a major role in how well our digestion works. If you’re on edge during the holidays, your gut may take a hit. So, just remember to unwind, relax, and have lots of fun this holiday season. Your digestion will thank you for it!

10. Reach for Superfoods 

Okay, so maybe you didn’t get any sleep or drank way too many cocktails at dinner. All is not lost! You can totally snap back into shape with some quick damage control by taking advantage of our powerful superfoods.

Feeling nauseous after too much drinking? You can try our Detox Ginger Sparkling Superfood Tonic to soothe an upset stomach while supporting healthy digestion. 

If you’re feeling like you had just too many refined carbs — and none of the good-for-you green stuff — then have a scoop of our Detox Greens Superfood Powder

And if you feel especially tired, wired, and stressed out this holiday season, then take a moment to unwind with our Hibiscus Mint Unwind Sparkling Superfood Tonic

Easy Holiday Digestion With Sunwink 

This holiday season, we definitely can’t blame you for wanting to indulge. But, at the same time, we don’t want you to experience any digestive problems. That’s exactly why we recommend following our 10 tips and tricks. 

If you prioritize sleep, eat slowly, and cut down on alcohol, you may find yourself not falling into a food coma after the holidays.

And if you do happen to overindulge, no worries at all! We’ve got you covered with the power of Superfoods that are known to support healthy digestion and help you feel like you again. 


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